Frequently Asked Questions

What are Country Markets?

Country Markets Ltd is a national cooperative organisation founded in 1947. There are currently 30 affiliated branch markets nationwide, with approximately 800 members. All branches are governed by the same rules. The produce at branch markets is all local farm, garden, home produce and craft which we sell directly to customers.

All produce sold in branch markets uses a standard label which includes the Country Markets Ltd logo, the branch market name, the individual producer number and the national organisations registered address  This ensures full traceability.

What’s the difference between Country Markets Ltd and Farmers Markets?

Country Markets Ltd

Farmers Markets

A national cooperative organisation affiliated to I.C.O.S (umbrella group for the cooperative movement) Food markets where stallholders are sole traders.
Founded in 1947 The modern day farmers market concept was pioneered in the USA in 1980's

Sells only members homegrown and /or homecrafted produce.

Not all produce is home grown, home made or home crafted.
100% Irish and 100% local.

Who can join?

  • Anyone over sixteen
  • Anyone producing home made crafts or food
  • Anyone willing to partipicate in the running of the branch market.

How can I join?

Use Our Markets tab on the homepage to find your nearest branch market. Visit the market and talk to the members or Contact the Dublin office. You can only be a member of one branch market.

How much does it cost to join?

Initial membership costs Euro 30, with annual re registration costing Euro 25.

What if there is no Branch Market in my area?

If there is no branch market in your area you may wish to establish one. A minimum of 20 producers are required, they must be able to provide a good variety of produce all year round. A suitable venue will be needed e.g. community hall, parish centre, etc.

A  representative of Country Markets Ltd will meet with the group to provide information on establishing a branch market. Continuous support is offered by Country Markets Ltd.

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